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February 2015

I created this blog to share my journey of becoming an interior designer. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an interest in design. As I sit and think back on my childhood, I kind of suppressed my interest in design because of insecurities of who I truly was and what others would think about me doing something that appeared to be a woman’s industry in the small town I grew up in. Luckily, as time passed I never lost the interest; and now as an adult I am ready to manifest the gift of design that I know I was born with.

Excitingly, this fall I will be enrolling at the Art Institute¬†of Houston to study Interior design. I would have never thought in a million years I would be placing myself in a position to prepare for a career that at one point I didn’t even believe was possible. I didn’t grow up hearing people say, “When I grow up I want to be an interior designer.” It was always a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, etc. I didn’t have the language to even know what to call what it was I knew I loved to do.

Im blessed that even though I am on the journey to becoming a designer, people are supporting me by giving me the opportunity to do design projects in their homes. The experience I am gaining from being hands-on now is only preparing me for whats to come. Each project is teaching me something about design that I didn’t know before. Below is a photo of one of the projects I am currently working on. I can wait until we complete this room and share the photos of the room completed.

image1This is only the beginning for me. I am hopeful and positive that my gift will take me to places unimaginable. You too can be doing what you love. Take the leap of faith and just do it!