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March 2015

As I have shared before on my blog, I am in a season in my life in which I am chasing my passions, dreams, and goals. I am so looking forward to the day when I wake up doing what I love which is design. At the beginning of each year, I create a vision board to keep on track with the many things I should be doing in order to accomplish my goals. This vision board hangs in a place where I will always see it while I am home. The board serves as  a reminder to me that  my goals and dreams are possible if I work step by step. I hope this blog encourages someone to take a moment and really discover what they are passionate about, then take the time to write it down and work towards accomplishing it. A lot of times we stand in our way when it comes to making dreams a reality.

I normally don’t share my boards, but I hope this will motivate someone else to start setting achievable goals and begin to take control of their lives.


Are you a goal setter? Do you create a vision board yearly? Share with me in the comments what you do to make sure you achieve your goals.