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June 2015

Light is probably one of the most overlooked elements of design to the everyday person. Did you know that there was a thought process to each and every light in your home? Each of those lights were placed exactly where they are to serve a purpose. In this post I simply want to share with you the types of lights that can assist you in the designing of your home.

Light takes form in three ways; ambient, task, and accent. Below I’ll briefly explain each form of lighting for you.


Also known as general lighting, ambient produces a general level of light throughout the room. Ambient lighting allows you to move throughout the room safely and with ease and is normally executed by chandeliers or recessed lighting.



Task lighting produces light for a particular area in a room. Task lights are mostly used for areas where one may read, under cabinets to illuminate countertops, or on a desk in an office.



Accent lighting is used to bring highlighted attention to areas in a room. This form of lighting is normally used to highlight artwork, bookshelves, or sculptures. Accent lights are also used outdoors to highlight areas along the home, trees, and water features.


(Photos retrieved from Laura U)

What type of lighting do you have mostly in your home? Share with us in the comment section. We want to hear from you!

Many of my followers know my story of finally following my passion of becoming an interior designer. Thus far my journey has been both rewarding and challenging. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing designers and architects who have been instrumental to my learning and growth. I am working with an amazing brand identity designer who is helping me create a visual identity. My name is finally starting to be mentioned when one hears interior design. However, my challenge has been to make sure I am being consistent with the time I put into my passion of design and still balance my regular 9-5. It’s vital to put attention towards your craft; even if you’re tired and bummed out.

Excitingly, I start at the Art Institute of Houston this coming fall to study interior design. From day one of starting this blog, I’ve shared that my weakest area will be drawing and sketching, so I have been making sure I start early with practicing some techniques. The best become the best when they put time and energy into their craft, even when no one else is requesting it or looking for it. It’s true that practice makes perfect. I may not be the best now, but you better believe I’m determined to be.

Here’s a drawing I have been practicing on. Im quite proud of it too! LOL! More practice is needed for sure.