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July 2015

Patience is probably the last word one may want to hear when trying to birth a vision that they are passionate about. Although it’s normally not the most loved stage of the process, it’s probably the most necessary. I have to be intentional about reminding myself of that from time to time. Without patience you are likely to make bad decisions that in the long run won’t benefit you. Patience is teaching me that I don’t have to accept every design project if it’s not a good fit; which is hard for someone to do who’s really trying to build a new brand. Patience is also increasing my level of gratitude, as I am always reminding myself how thankful I am to be able to be on this journey of building a brand and learning at the same time. Above all else, I know that patience is preparing to meet the moment.

So to you, my readers, I say keep working hard on those goals and dreams with patience. That period of patience is only making you better at what you do; so that when the right time comes, you have something to offer that’s beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

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This week in my Drafting 1 course we learned how to use an architectural scale and scale down objects and spaces in order to fit those objects and spaces on paper. I have always been interested in figuring out how floor plans are developed and how contractors and designers could read those plans and understand exactly how to produce those plans. Needless to say I was amazed that I was finally learning this.

First I had to get an understanding of what an architectural scale is and how it’s used. (Picture Below) Once I got the hang of the scale after continued study and research, scaling started to become a little easier. I still have a lot of practicing to do.


My professor did a good job with breaking down the 12 different scales, however it was a lot to process. Youtube is probably the best thing since sliced bread! I found an awesome video that was easy to follow while I reviewed and completed homework. Check it out below.

My homework focused on scaling windows and doors. There’s definitely room for improving my line weights and lettering, however I am proud of my first round of tackling scaling. It is true that practice makes perfect. I stayed at it until I started to better understand how it all works.


I am truly enjoying this journey I’m on to learn and obtain my wildest dreams. The feeling I have from finishing my assignments are feelings of great accomplishment. Every step forward amazes me!

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I have officially started my design education and I couldn’t be more excited! My first class is Drafting 1. The first  day of class was focused on Lines and Lettering. I bet you didn’t know that different lines had different weights did ya? My greatest take away was understanding that lines are how designers communicate between the planning, drawing, construction, and installation. This course will be a challenge for me, as I probably have the most unsteady hand and worst handwriting! However, I will put my best foot forward and master it the best I can. One thing I can say is that my eyes and ears are wide open soaking in so much knowledge and techniques. This course is also preparing me for architecture work, as I plan to become an architect as well.

I will be posting many of my school experiences to share what I’m learning and taking away. July 13, 2015 was the beginning of a new chapter for me. Im so lucky and blessed to be able to tap into my passion and gift. Its never too late!



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Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.36.26 PM

Whenever I am sourcing and creating a design concept, I always seek pieces that are timeless and versatile. In this concept purple is the accent color with black and gold being the base colors. I chose a neutral sofa in order to allow flexibility for future design use. So if the family decides to change the color concept, the main staple furniture will easily work with another concept. Purple is a color that is associated with royalty, luxury, power, and ambition. This room will exude those qualities while ensuring both comfort for an evening of reading and a night of entertaining.

What do you think about this concept?

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I am uber excited today! Today has been one of those days that reinforce the idea that what you put your energy and attention towards will expand. Excitingly I am starting school earlier than I expected or planned for. Next week to be exact!

In October 2014 I decided that I would no longer live just to exist, but do the things that bring me joy and fulfillment. A part of that decision included an entire career change. Like any human, of course my mind started to be filled with doubt and fear. Worrying about what if I don’t make as much money, how am I going to afford paying for school out of pocket, did I waste my time getting the degree I just completed, and the list goes on! No matter how bigger the fears get, I always reassure myself that my vision, gift, passion and future is BIGGER.

Today marks a day of new beginnings in this quest of manifesting the destiny of Chase Dowell. I can now start learning things that will enhance my gifts. No way to go but up from here.

The minute you stop allowing worry and fear to hold you back you will progress forward. Nothing can hold you back if you don’t allow it.

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Like every young entrepreneur, I understand the importance of having a brand and identity. In fact, working for the YMCA has taught me so much about why using certain logos, fonts, colors, and images are important to the sustainability of a company. All of these things play an important role in how consumers perceive you and your product.

I am currently working on the brand and identity for my company. This journey has been one of many ups and downs for me as I have been through the process of trying to build a brand for some time now. During this time, I have had 2 logos created that have fell flat for me. Not because of the design of them necessarily, but because I did not put much thought into how the logo should sustain my image and brand. I was only thinking about the present and not the bigger picture of where I saw my company taking me. In fact, I’ll share those 2 old logos with you.

My first logo was created in 2011 in which the name of my company was Eminent Events by Chase. I solely focused on event planning and decor. Again, only focused on the present, I was so anxious to get my hands in creativity that I took the easy way by following my mother’s footsteps in planning weddings. At only the age of 22, I was blessed and lucky that a few brides trusted me with their big day. I learned a lot about managing contracts and vendors, as well as working with clients to help them bring their visions to life. After a few events, I started to realize that I was not being fulfilled by doing the events. Instead, I would find myself always researching homes, visiting open houses just to see the finishes, and being engaged in architecture. Then I had the aha moment that I had to take my creative desire further to my love of homes and interior spaces.


After my big aha moment, I changed the name of my company to Design² in 2014. A great concept, but it did not support the big picture of where I was looking to take my company. The concept was my company would be able to produce 2 elements of design; those elements being event design and interior design. My first mistake was not getting rid of the event planning even though I had already determined it wasn’t something that fulfilled me any longer. Also, most people would call it design two and not design squared which also made me aware that it was too complicated.


I highly recommend young entrepreneurs to really slow down and put a halt to making emotional decisions on their visions. Take time to really research and discover what it is you are wanting to do. You do not want to be like me and have inconsistency in your brand and identity with multiple bad decisions. It’s only going to make the process longer for you in trying to get it right and lots of wasted money. Luckily I am now working with an amazing brand and identity designer Geeky Dreamer who knows their stuff and therefore is able to keep me on track with consistency. Being a little older, a little wiser, and learning from my past failures I now know what to do in order to sustain my brand and identity. So this time around things are a little different. I know exactly what I want and it lines up with the bigger picture of my company.

I realized that my name is truly my brand. No catchy phrases or titles can describe the level of attention and service my clients get from me as their designer. Therefore Chase Dowell Interior Design is all I need to allow me to remain consistent and relevant, even in years to come when I add other areas to my company. Below is the inspiration board that’s guiding the direction of my new and FINAL brand and identity. I can’t wait to share the new logo and brand standards when they are completed.


If I had to give a young entrepreneur in the making advice on branding their start up, it would be:

1. Clearly define what it is you are wanting to do. Don’t just limit your thinking to your current circumstance. Think big picture and where you see your company going years from now.

2. Hire a professional to help you create your logo and collateral. Interview multiple designers before choosing one. Find out what their process and knowledge is in the area of building a brand and identity.

3. Be consistent. Don’t be like me and have to clean up years of bad decisions. Do the research on the front end and avoid the mistakes I made.

4. Search the web for information on how to build a brand and identity. There is so much info available. In fact, I just read an article on called What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company.

5. Keep it simple and to the point. I am a witness that all the extra will fall flat.

I hope this post is helpful to someone who like myself is an up and coming entrepreneur. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m truly learning a lot on this journey of manifesting my dreams and destiny.

Do you have any good tips on building a brand and identity? I would love to read them in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!