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March 2016

As many of my readers know, I have a key interest in the designing of bachelor pads. With most bachelor pads come the torn leather chair that was purchased from craigslist just for something to sit on, that somehow became the most loved piece in the entire pad. If there is one thing that the bachelor loves in their home, it is their throne! THE MIGHTY CHAIR!

So to my bachelor readers out there, here are a few tips for selecting the perfect chair to bring great style into your bachelor pad.

  1. Keep your textile options open. Leather isn’t always the best choice.
  2. Seek chairs that are less bulky but comfortable.
  3. Don’t shy away from color.
  4. Mix and match multiple chair styles in a room.
  5. Look for unique shapes and designs.
  6. Ensure the chair you choose is proportionate to the space.

Here are a few of my chair picks for the modern day bachelor pad. Thanks for reading. #BeTheBeauty

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.30.55 PM


Spring is here, which means its time spruce up your home with a little spring cleaning. Here are a few tips to help you spring into the new season with less clutter and a more positive living environment.

  1. Organize your closets using a color coded system.
  2. Organize important documents that you need. If it can be discarded, shred it.
  3. Organize your pantry by labeling containers and removing the foods from its original packaging.
  4. Transform your home easily with fresh new paint colors.
  5. If your furniture lends more towards neutral, add pops of color by accessorizing with bold colorful pillows, wall coverings, draperies, and decorative accessories.
  6. Rearrange your current furniture layout.

These are 6 easy tips thats sure to keep you busy around your home the next few weekends!



Last week I had the opportunity to walk through a beautiful property built by Keith Malloy Construction as a potential staging project. While making notes through this home, I became very clear about why I love high ceilings. The photo is the study for this beautiful home. If you would love to purchase this beautiful, check it out here!

Double height ceilings add drama to any room. They feel both grand and luxurious. With the perfect setting for memorable oversized décor, double height ceilings provide limitless design possibilities. From curtains to wall paintings, every décor decision has to be proportioned to the height, width and length of the room. Some of my favorite spaces to see high ceilings are in the living room, dining room, and study.

With more vertical space in the room, adding large abstract objects and dramatic lighting accentuates the room’s personality. If you’re like me, then you love the amount of natural light that enters through the tall windows. Natural light increases your home’s sustainability, it’s healthy and economical, and brings energy to a room by bringing the outside in.

While high ceilings may be overwhelming, have fun and be creative with the space. Remember scaling and proportions matter.