Am I the only one who gets super exited about the new year? Of course I’m not! The new year is an opportunity to start or re-start those things that we have placed on the back burner for some time. Starting this company has taught me that there is no such thing as a perfect/magical time to do something that fuels you. You just have to do it!

My wish for you and your family is that 2016 is a successful, healthy, joyful, prosperous year; and whatever activity you have put on the back burner, you go for it! In the words of Meryl Streep, “Start by Starting.”




-Minnie’s Food Pantry

This past Monday my team and I got to participate in a night that we will never forget. The Feed Just One Gala is the annual fundraiser for a North Dallas organization called Minnie’s Food Pantry that has an inspiring record of serving millions of meals to the community in which they serve. A little unknown fact about me is my first degree is in Human Services; therefore this type of work will always hold a special place in my heart. The night was very eventful with a silent and live auction, a live performance by BeBe Winans, star honorees, and of course the power house that carries the vision; Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson.

I learned about Minnie Food’s Pantry around November of 2014. Dr. Cheryl and I both share a love for Oprah Winfrey. After the Life You Want Tour Houston, she was one individual that I knew I had to find out more about. When I discovered the impact she was making with Minnie’s Food Pantry, I knew I had to get involved and support in some way. Chase Dowell Interior Design was able to donate a home accessories package and an interior design consultation to the silent auction. My team and I are looking forward to getting back to Dallas to volunteer for this great organization soon.

The theme of the gala was Dream Bigger. I can assure you, after leaving the event I started to dream a little bigger. I was so moved by all the support in the room around a common cause of fighting hunger.

To find out more about Minnie’s Food Pantry and how you can support the work they are doing, visit



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You never know how strong you are until you push yourself to be strong beyond your comfort zone. You never know how creative you are until you allow yourself to be creative. You never know how needed you are until you extend a hand to someone else. You never know how fearless you are until you are no longer fearful. Do you get where I’m going here?

Making a shift to follow your passions in hopes that it will lead you to your destiny and the life you have envisioned for yourself takes GUTS. When I say guts, I am speaking of faith, sacrifice, and will power. Here I am, a young adult with a comfortable paying job, who just graduated with a degree, yet I know there’s something more for me to achieve and align myself with. I wont go into details about how I have gotten to this point in my life on this post, as it would make this blog post extremely long. However, I always welcome the opportunity to meet and chat with new people who are likeminded about the importance of personal growth. Don’t be a stranger! Email me:

One of my favorite quotes from Oprah is, “pleasure is energy reciprocated”. This quote to me means in order to gain or obtain something you desire, you have to put attention towards it. Even when the vision doesn’t seem clear or obtainable, you continue to position your attention on whatever your desires are. This is exactly what I have done and continue to do with interior design, architecture, and my company. I have immersed myself into the world of design by taking courses, continuous reading and blogging, meeting other designers, and tapping into my own gift of designing. This is WHY I BELIEVE IN ME.

From this point on, this post may not be for you and solely for me, but I am compelled to write it. There will come a time when we are connected from the right source, with the right people, at the right place, at the right time that will thrust us forward when we are ready. I often have to remind myself that what I have to offer as a designer is different from any other designer out there and the time will come when I am able to showcase it. That means I can’t be discouraged by the beginning stages of entrepreneurship (which can be very discouraging at times). There is power in thoughts, which is why this post is titled Why I Believe In Me. What you think about your situation will be the direct outcome of your situation. Regardless of the many late nights business planning, studying design techniques and trends, and creating ways to use my business to be philanthropic; I believe that it will all pay off for me and align me with my life’s purpose. Just like what you consistently put your attention to will pay off for you too! I believe it for you.

I say all of this to say; believe in those goals, visions, and dreams. They were given to you for a purpose. Be encouraged that in perfect timing your passions will lead you towards your destiny and connect you with individuals you could have never imagined, and allow you to impact lives far beyond what the human mind could think. And when you get to a point where it “seems” like failure has knocked you down, get back up and whisper to yourself…. I BELIEVE IN ME.

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It’s another Inspiration Monday here in CDID land. In this particular post I simply want to encourage you to use rejection to your advantage. I know, I know…. You’re probably thinking what in the world are you talking about Chase?!? How can I use something so disappointing to my advantage?   …… It’s simple my friend.

Rejection is a part of life (sucks right?). There are going to be times when you will be rejected from relationships, partnerships, job interviews, business deals, business meetings, social circles; you name it and there is a possibility it will come with rejection. On this journey of following my passion of design and becoming an entrepreneur I have experienced A LOT of rejection. Now, I could sit in a pity party and wreck my brain trying to figure why, or I can use the rejection as ammo to keep pushing myself harder to be what it is I know I am destined to be. What helps me deal with rejection so well is that I understand my vision and dreams are too large for most people to grasp. Heck, sometimes I can’t even grasp it! People are not responsible for managing your dreams, therefore they have the right to choose whether or not to participate in it.

Don’t get down on yourself when you are faced with rejection. For the time that you would spend feeling sorry for yourself, use that time to reflect on what you need to work on personally and press on. Each NO provides you a greater opportunity to be prepared for when you get the YES.

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What an exciting weekend this has been! We finally launched our new brand and refreshed website after months of hard work and dedication. We all know and understand that branding is one of the most crucial aspects of building a successful business. I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with a talented brand and identity designer who helped me take my vision to the next level. I highly recommend Geeky Dreamer for your branding needs. Seeing the fruits of my labor and visions be revealed right before my eyes has inspired me tremendously. Even more so that it has inspired others to move forward with their business endeavors and refusing to let fear get in the way. I am delighted to share with my readers the story behind brand. You can read it here.

I would love to read in the comments below what you think about the new site and brand.

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Patience is probably the last word one may want to hear when trying to birth a vision that they are passionate about. Although it’s normally not the most loved stage of the process, it’s probably the most necessary. I have to be intentional about reminding myself of that from time to time. Without patience you are likely to make bad decisions that in the long run won’t benefit you. Patience is teaching me that I don’t have to accept every design project if it’s not a good fit; which is hard for someone to do who’s really trying to build a new brand. Patience is also increasing my level of gratitude, as I am always reminding myself how thankful I am to be able to be on this journey of building a brand and learning at the same time. Above all else, I know that patience is preparing to meet the moment.

So to you, my readers, I say keep working hard on those goals and dreams with patience. That period of patience is only making you better at what you do; so that when the right time comes, you have something to offer that’s beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

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I am uber excited today! Today has been one of those days that reinforce the idea that what you put your energy and attention towards will expand. Excitingly I am starting school earlier than I expected or planned for. Next week to be exact!

In October 2014 I decided that I would no longer live just to exist, but do the things that bring me joy and fulfillment. A part of that decision included an entire career change. Like any human, of course my mind started to be filled with doubt and fear. Worrying about what if I don’t make as much money, how am I going to afford paying for school out of pocket, did I waste my time getting the degree I just completed, and the list goes on! No matter how bigger the fears get, I always reassure myself that my vision, gift, passion and future is BIGGER.

Today marks a day of new beginnings in this quest of manifesting the destiny of Chase Dowell. I can now start learning things that will enhance my gifts. No way to go but up from here.

The minute you stop allowing worry and fear to hold you back you will progress forward. Nothing can hold you back if you don’t allow it.

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Many of my followers know my story of finally following my passion of becoming an interior designer. Thus far my journey has been both rewarding and challenging. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing designers and architects who have been instrumental to my learning and growth. I am working with an amazing brand identity designer who is helping me create a visual identity. My name is finally starting to be mentioned when one hears interior design. However, my challenge has been to make sure I am being consistent with the time I put into my passion of design and still balance my regular 9-5. It’s vital to put attention towards your craft; even if you’re tired and bummed out.

Excitingly, I start at the Art Institute of Houston this coming fall to study interior design. From day one of starting this blog, I’ve shared that my weakest area will be drawing and sketching, so I have been making sure I start early with practicing some techniques. The best become the best when they put time and energy into their craft, even when no one else is requesting it or looking for it. It’s true that practice makes perfect. I may not be the best now, but you better believe I’m determined to be.

Here’s a drawing I have been practicing on. Im quite proud of it too! LOL! More practice is needed for sure.



In this blog post I simply want to encourage someone else who has a vision and passion they are trying to birth, quite like myself. When one has a desire to accomplish something that’s greater than their current circumstance, the easy thing to do is to become discouraged in the process of obtaining what it is his or her heart’s desire is. Trying to connect the pieces can become tiresome and perceived failures can sometimes knock us off course. I want to encourage you, YES YOU READING THIS, to keep making the steps necessary to accomplish your goals and dreams. Every small step forward gets you closer and closer. Every door that closes only makes room for new doors to open for you. You have everything you need! Yep, you are more than enough to conquer those goals.

So, here’s to the dreamers, movers, and shakers! May your hard work and dedication of becoming the best version of you be everything you dream it to be. Always be present; and when you get off tract, dust yourself off and get back to receiving what is yours!

Writing this reminded me of the song New Day by the living legend Patti LaBelle. Enjoy!

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As I have shared before on my blog, I am in a season in my life in which I am chasing my passions, dreams, and goals. I am so looking forward to the day when I wake up doing what I love which is design. At the beginning of each year, I create a vision board to keep on track with the many things I should be doing in order to accomplish my goals. This vision board hangs in a place where I will always see it while I am home. The board serves as  a reminder to me that  my goals and dreams are possible if I work step by step. I hope this blog encourages someone to take a moment and really discover what they are passionate about, then take the time to write it down and work towards accomplishing it. A lot of times we stand in our way when it comes to making dreams a reality.

I normally don’t share my boards, but I hope this will motivate someone else to start setting achievable goals and begin to take control of their lives.


Are you a goal setter? Do you create a vision board yearly? Share with me in the comments what you do to make sure you achieve your goals.