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When designing a concept for a room, I always start by locating one item that will guide the direction of the decor. For this particular concept the rug was the guiding source. The earth toned rug set the stage for warm colors and comfort without losing a level of sophistication.


When working with earth tones, soft brown and cream tones create a light and airy feel that exudes a welcoming environment. Though these traditional earth tones are beautiful in their own right, they can become a little boring, so next I had to find the perfect “pop” of color. Blue tones are the perfect addition to a warm concept that’s in need of an accenting color. To bring in color, I started by locating art and used it as a guide for adding color throughout the concept.


The attention went into the details. From the lights, to the accent tables, to the table top accessories; ITS ALL ABOUT DETAILS!


  1. When starting a design concept, find one item that will guide the direction of your decor.
  2. Earth tones are easy to work with, but they can become boring. Throw in some color to shake things up a little.
  3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!


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