Light, Space, and Drama


Last week I had the opportunity to walk through a beautiful property built by Keith Malloy Construction as a potential staging project. While making notes through this home, I became very clear about why I love high ceilings. The photo is the study for this beautiful home. If you would love to purchase this beautiful, check it out here!

Double height ceilings add drama to any room. They feel both grand and luxurious. With the perfect setting for memorable oversized décor, double height ceilings provide limitless design possibilities. From curtains to wall paintings, every décor decision has to be proportioned to the height, width and length of the room. Some of my favorite spaces to see high ceilings are in the living room, dining room, and study.

With more vertical space in the room, adding large abstract objects and dramatic lighting accentuates the room’s personality. If you’re like me, then you love the amount of natural light that enters through the tall windows. Natural light increases your home’s sustainability, it’s healthy and economical, and brings energy to a room by bringing the outside in.

While high ceilings may be overwhelming, have fun and be creative with the space. Remember scaling and proportions matter.

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