Quick Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home

It’s the beginning of the new year which means its time to spruce up your home! Even if you are not ready to fully rehab your living space, there a few things you can do to give your home a fresh start. Let’s take a look at this study that I assisted a new friend with.


Before, this space didn’t take into consideration the flow of the room. That flow includes traffic, the amount of natural light, open workspace, and the welcoming energy. My task was to shift this flow while taking into consideration the personality of the beautiful family that dwells in it.


After taking my directions into consideration, you can see that this room made a dramatic change with just a few easy changes. The desk was rearranged to face towards the window which made the space more welcoming and open, color was added with a new rug and chair which brightened the space, and organizing and decluttering made room for a great workspace.

What should you consider when giving your home a quick spruce-up?

  1. Whats the flow of the room?
  2. Declutter and organize.
  3. How is the room most utilized?
  4. Does it reflect your personality and who you are?
  5. Play off the flow of light.
  6. Rearrange your furniture.
  7. Enjoy your new room.

If you are ready to change the flow and energy of your home, I want to work with you. Contact me today!


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