The Dining Room

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When I think of the dining room I think of family, friends, memories, and good food. There are times when serious discussions have to happen in the dining room, and there are times when fun and laughter fills the dining room. A well designed dining room takes these details into account. The design elements should not only represent the family that will share such a sacred space, but it should also feel as though it is the place of comfort and love that will keep the family stronger and together though the years.

I decided to create a dining room inspiration board with warm tones that would welcome a family to create memories of love and comfort. The warm creams and browns are soothing, while the touches of gold ignites a little fun for contrasting.

What emotions does your dining room express? I would love to read about it in the comment section below.

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  • Joshua Sims
    3 years ago

    FIRST, FIRST, FIRST!!! The site is amazing, it flows, it’s sleek and clean. Proud of you brother, keep inspiring us all through design of the home in which we live in. Spaces are there for magic to be created.
    Much Love!!!!

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