Why Chase?

My firm is a full-service design firm that’s ready to meet the needs of your next project. Whether it’s the living room—a personal favorite for me—a bachelor pad, a whole home renovation, or Hair Salon & Spa, I know just what it takes to align your ideas with good design and aesthetics. I am highly passionate about the field of interior design. Even before I knew it would be my career, I enjoyed using my creativity to design spaces for family and friends. While intersecting fashion and interiors, my style can be described as transitional with the crisp touch of modern design.

Personal Space

Your choice of working with me is one that I do not take lightly. Being an interior designer gives me access into your most personal space; so I work hard to accommodate you, your vision, and your privacy. I ensure a comfortable process that displays the best in professionalism and client care while working at a respectable pace that allows a home’s natural design to unfold.

Clients and Prospective Clients

My best clients are open-minded. It is my belief that your home should rise up to who you are. Therefore, your home should reflect who you are and who you are to be. The ideal client for me is one who enjoys working with a joyful and energetic designer that appreciates the art and process of interior design.