Welcome to my journey and life as an aspiring interior designer. In this blog I plan to share my experiences, highlight design trends, things I’m loving and not loving, highlight other designers in Houston, TX and beyond, architecture, yummy foods, inspiration, and whatever else that comes to mind that will not only impact me positively, but you the reader as well.

In October of 2014, I had the most life changing experience that I’ve ever had! I attended the Oprah’s Life You Want Tour. (a blog about this experience is definitely coming!) Oh yea, did I mention I met Oprah too?!?! Since that experience, I have discovered the importance of doing the things you love and that brings you ultimate fulfillment. I am now focused on building a career in the interior design industry, because it truly is work that brings me joy. As a child, I loved to rearrange the furniture, decorate our home (with whatever I could find around the house), help my mother design weddings, and many other creative things that will take all day to list. Somehow in the mist of getting a good job and making a descent income and doing what I “thought” I loved, I still felt unfulfilled. Im now guided by INTENTION, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Check back daily or weekly for new post. I will upload blog post at least once a week. If there are things you want to see on the blog please contact me. One thing is for sure; I don’t have all the experience of an interior designer yet, but you are about to witness Determination, Faith, and the WILL POWER to make it happen!

Cheers to a successful 2015!

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