Working With A Designer Part 2

In part one of the Working With A Designer series, I talked about the first step in the design process, the consultation. Click here to read and get caught up if you haven’t read it already. You’ll definitely want to start there! Now, lets get to the next stage in the process of working with me, your designer.


Now that all the questions have been asked, and both the client and I believe we are a perfect fit for one another; its time to begin the programming stage. This is when I will take all the notes from the initial meeting, and use them to determine the needs of the client, which becomes the scope of the project. Clear descriptions of everything that will require attention is detailed and prepared for presentation to the client. After I complete the programming, I send it over to my clients to review and allow them to determine which areas are priority in order to guide our project timeline. Along with the programming sheet, I send over a cost analysis which defines what my design fee will be for the project. This allows us to be on the same page from the very beginning on budgets and cost.

After my clients approve the programming information, timeline, and cost I draft the contract which outlines every detail of the project and both the responsibility of the client and myself as the designer. After the contract is signed and approved, we’re ready to move to thenext stage; which you will have to wait until Part 3 to learn about!

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